business_featured_imageUsually, the terms “record industry” or “recording industry,” refer to the network of artists and companies who produce the musical entertainment we download or buy on CDs. In reality, the business of making and selling recordings and recorders also includes much more. For example, we may not think about how Hollywood movies, television, radio, and the web are connected to the recording industry. There are also important but rarely mentioned corners of the music industry like background music (such as Muzak) that produce recordings for sale, but not usually to the general public. Finally there are many types of sound recording technologies and products that constitute part of the recording industry, but do not have much to do with music, such as telephone voicemail systems. The pages that follow explore the “business history” of the recording industry from a number of angles. If you’re looking for an overview, I’d suggest starting with the first one below. The others are more specific.