Triumph of the Disc

The Victor Talking Machine Company, formed in 1901, commercialized the gramophone based on Berliner's patents, while in the U.K., the Gramophone Company had been formed in 1897 to do much the same thing. Berliner, a native German, also formed the Deutsche Grammofon company with his brother in 1898.

Nipper, the mascot for Victor

By 1906, Victor Talking Machine Company was already a major force in the music industry when it introduced its first "Victrola," a disc player with the horn inside the cabinet instead of outside it. This and subsequent generations of Victrolas became top-sellers, and "Victrola" became a generic term for the record player in the U.S.

The success of the disc was such that in 1912, Edison at last began offering disc-type phonographs and records for sale in recognition of the large number of disks on the market. Cylinder machines and records, however, were still produced until the demise of Edison's Entertainment Phonograph division in 1929.